Ledge Blade


3/4oz      1oz


Available in 12 colors

Product Detail

Designed and crafted by the 2013 Bassmaster Classic Champion himself, Cliff Pace, the V&M Pacemaker Ledge Blade offers lifelike detailing and increased function that puts it head-and-shoulders above the rest. Unlike other bladed jigs, the V&M Pacemaker Ledge Blade, with it’s erratic action, specifically targets fish located on-and-around deep structure. In addition, the V&M Pacemaker Ledge Blade is made with a two-piece construction that allows the hook to sit farther away from the body than traditional jigs, which prevents the blade form interfering with strikes and results in a better hook up ratio. Fitted with a 5/0 Mustad hook, the V&M Pacemaker Ledge Blade delivers quality and performance all-in-one highly detailed package.